Matter is the Minimum

Hey guys, If you have been watching the news or live in a big city, you have heard or seen the protests for George Floyd and all other unjust deaths of Black lives. The recent death of George Floyd has spurred all 50 states and 13 countries to rally together and call for a change of the systematic racism in our everyday lives. Already because of the protests, positive changes are being made. Breonna’s Law, a regulation on No-Knock Warrants, has passed through the Louisiana public safety committee. Statues of racists and homophobes across the world are being taken down. A bill in Colorado was introduced that will address abusive law enforcement policies. States across the US are calling for the defunding of the police department. The four officers involved in George Floyd’s death have been arrested and Derek Chauvin who physically knelt of Floyd’s necks charge increased from 3rd to 2nd degree after public backlash. Chauvin had 17 reports of misconduct before the death of Floyd and has recently been found guilty of voter fraud. He was sued for police brutality. He received little to no significant discipline.

Many opponents of the protests say that no good will come from violence yet forget that after MLK was assassinated, people rioted and looted. The government responded with the Civil Rights Act of 1968 days later. Most of the looters are people who are not truly there for George Floyd and Blacks. People have stepped up and called for a stop of the destruction of property if you truly care about the cause you are protesting and Floyd’s family has said that he would not appreciate the violence. Though the slogan is Black Lives Matter, mattering is the minimum. Black lives are important, valued, and needed. I recognize my white privilege in being able to write this post and protest in general without fearing for my life. The most important thing to remember while being an ally is to listen and talk, but don’t talk over the oppressed. Below I will leave some links for petitions and places you can donate. Take this time to educate yourself and do what you can to fix the system.

See you guys next time,



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