Dark Side of a Conspiracy

Hey guys, I love conspiracies and binge-watch videos on crazy theories. Whether I know they are ridiculous or not, I like to see the imagination and hard work that people have to prove what they believe. However, sometimes they are significant costs to the accusations people make due to theories. When reading the news I came across a CNN Business article talking about a woman who was accused of starting the coronavirus pandemic. The theory is that a US army reservist contracted the coronavirus and brought it to China. The woman states she never tested positive or displayed any symptoms of the virus and the accusations have ruined her and her families lives. The notion that she is the person who brought the virus over has been embraced by the Chinese Communist Party media and the youtube video that produced the theory has hundreds of thousands of views. Her home address was posted online and she and her family’s social media inboxes are flooded with threats. The mob mentality that overcomes people when they fear for their life leads to baseless accusations that ruin lives. We need to learn as a society to search for facts before we speak. I fall victim to this as well, taking what I see on Instagram and believing crazy things. But we must take a step back and check all the facts and sides of a story before we form an opinion that could be destructive. Email or comment anything you want me to write about next, preferably not related to the virus!

See you guys next week,


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