Corona Timeline

Hey guys, With all the craziness surrounding COVID-19 I thought I would break down the complete timeline to date.

On December 31, the Chinese government confirmed they were treating dozens of cases for this new virus similar to SARS, a different virus that broke out in 2003. On January 11th China confirmed its first death. The first confirmed case in the US was on January 19th in Washington. On January 30th W.H.O declared a global health emergency and the following day Trump began to restrict travel abroad to try and contain the rapidly spreading virus. On February 2nd the first death occurred outside of China in the Philippines. More than 360 deaths were reported from China at this time, however, it is speculated that this number is much larger. Jumping to February 17th, the Chinese government started drafting legislation to prevent the consumption of exotic wildlife in wet markets, where the virus originated in Wuhan. On February 24th the Trump administration asked Congress for $1.25B for a coronavirus response. On the same day, Iran emerged behind China as the epicenter of the virus. On March 13th Trump declared a national emergency and said he was working to provide $50 billion in federal funds available to states. On March 26, the US surpassed China in number of cases. At this time three-quarters of Americans have been ordered to stay home. The only exceptions to the orders are grocery store runs and essential workers. The US currently has 165,722 confirmed cases and 3,175 deaths. New York state has the most cases at 67,000 and New Jersey is second at 16,000.

Stay informed during this unusual time and wash you hands!!

See you guys next time,

Alex Buerck

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