Hey guys, I know have been M.I.A recently. I suffered from a severe concussion last fall and it hit me hard. I could not concentrate, do school work, exercise, or spend time with the people I care about. I was auditing classes, observing, for 3 weeks, leaving me severely behind. Due to my concussion, I did not have any grades for the fall. My school worked out a plan to let my winter grades transfer over to my fall report card as well. I had to work hard to make sure my grades reflected my effort. Due to my new knowledge and experience with concussions, I wondered about the long-lasting impact. My case was unique in that I have a pre-existing health condition making my pain and recovery worse. But I questioned other situations. How do concussions affect everyday life for years to come.

Some people who have suffered multiple concussions can develop Post-Concussion Syndrome which has some nasty long term effects. Symptoms like trouble concentrating, memory problems, irritability, sleep disturbances, and depression. These symptoms can be hard to distinguish from depression but they can be treated. While I recovered from my concussion many others do not and their struggles are often dismissed.

See you guys next time,

Alex Buerck

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