Assessment of the Democrats: Kamala Harris

Hey guys, Today I wanted to discuss another Democratic presidential candidate hoping to run against Donald Trump. Kamala Harris. Harris was born to immigrant parents and is currently a United States Senator and a former District Attorney of San Fransico. Similar to all the candidates she has proposed a Healthcare plan. Her plan differs from Bernie and Warren’s in that she would provide the option for you to keep your private insurance rather than everyone switching over to the same healthcare. She also prioritizes women’s rights like contraception, reproductive options, and abortion. Harris firmly believes in raising the minimum wage to $15/hr and is adamantly against assault weapons. She states that if you have been convicted of a crime or deemed mentally ill you should not have access to guns at all.  She also has ideas on taxes: “called the LIFT the Middle Class Act,  the bill would offer up to $3,000 a year (or $250 a month) to single people, while married couples would get up to $6,000 a year (or $500 a month). The credit would be available to couples that earn under $100,000 a year or singles who earn less than $50,000 a year (Elle)”.

Now that all seems great, a little too great. Many people have come forward about the problems with raising the minimum wage to $15/hr. Though this would raise as many as 1 million out of poverty it would also force many companies to lay off great numbers of employees. Her healthcare plan, though not as solid as Sanders, would limit out-of-pocket expenses, but it relies on the kindness of insurance companies. This glaring fact immediately made me stop. Insurance companies only care about making money as they have repeatedly let Americans know, charging us way more for basic needs like insulin than Canada when they are manufactured the same way. On top of this, what will it cost? Bernie has stated he will add a 4% increase to all those who make more than $29,000 a year. His would cost $32 trillion and Biden states his cost $750 billion. Harris has yet to put a dollar amount to her proposal, yet with this sweet offer, we have to assume it has a hefty price tag to it.

Harris also has some problems from her past that might come back to bite her. Her prosecuting track record in California gives some people pause because she does not stand up for prison reform and supports the death penalty in California. This drawback becomes even more glaring when you factor in how much she calls herself a reformist and progressive.  She could have changed her opinions, however, this coupled with her unwillingness to serve the death penalty to a man who shot and killed a police officer is fishy. Is she playing both sides of the fence by refusing to prosecute, or is she just unsure of how she truly feels? Her views and actions as a prosecutor were hypocritical changing from one side to the next. In the democratic debate, Gabbard accused Harris of keeping innocent people on death row and withholding evidence that could free them. When that police officer was shot she stood firm in her opposition even when faced with a grieving widow and angry policemen stating she promised the people of California that she was against the death penalty. Yet, when a moment arose that could rid the state of the death penalty she was on the opposing side. The switching raised many eyebrows, including my own. Is she trying to get the anti-death penalty and pro vote? What other reasons would she have for switching? Let me know what you guys think in the comments or email me ideas for my next post. Which side are you on? I want to hear your opinion!

See you next time,


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