How to Prepare for an Internship

Hey guys, These past few weeks I have been interning at a consulting firm and I wanted to give some insight on what goes into preparing for a summer internship. The company that I am interning for informed me that I would be able to dress business casual but what does that exactly mean? Business casual can differ depending on your industry and the particular company. It is always safer to be on the more conservative/formal side. I opted to shop at White House Black Market for some professional clothes. For women, I suggest grabbing some tank top blouses and long sleeve blouses in neutral colors. Depending on your office, either slacks or a long skirt will work. In my office, I wear a long skirt with a blouse and a blazer or a long dress. When I say long I mean knee to mid-calf. On your first day, I suggest dressing more formal some you can gauge how you will have to dress for the rest of your internship (either more or less).

The next piece of advice I have is more along the work side and it is: put in more work than is expected. Depending on the company, they will most likely not ask much of you in your first week, but go above and beyond to prove that you are an asset and a value to the team. If they say you can get it done by Monday, get it done and turned in on Friday. If you are allowed to sit in on a meeting, take notes without being prompted. Show that you are a hard-worker and can do things without being told.

The final piece of advice is cliche but true. Be confident in your abilities. The company wouldn’t have chosen you if they didn’t think you could do it. Be assertive and strong when asked questions. Pay attention when someone speaks to you. Asks questions. If I can do it, so can you.

See you next time,


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