Africa and its Misconceptions

Hey guys, Sorry I haven’t updated in a while, but I’m back now. For the past few weeks, I have been in Africa with my family for summer vacation and I have noticed a lot of surprising things while on the trip. Many people have reached out to me and asked how big of a problem has poaching been and if I had run into any poachers. And the answer is no, poaching is not a problem. Most people have heard of Cecil the Lion and game hunting and associate it with Africa. However, when actually traveling to the country infamous for poaching the inhabitants informed us that game hunting is illegal in all African countries but Botswana. In Kenya, there has not been poaching of a rhino in 6 years. The real problems in Africa are as follows: Overpopulation,  Education, and Infrastructure.

The poverty problems in Africa are attributed to overpopulation: not enough food, and not enough space. Kids are not healthy and aren’t properly clothed. This also connects to education.

Many African tribes are still in use and are very large. Many of the tribes circumcise men and women at the age of 15 with no pain killers, marry girls as young as 12 to men as old as 30, and it is expected of the girls to be miserable and look unhappy. These customs are discriminatory to not only women but also men. If the children received proper education and teaching they could change the ways these tribes functioned.

The roads in Africa and horrendous. Bumby, speed bumps every few yards, potholes. There are many places where there is no service at all. Even establishments with wifi struggle to make a good connection. There is hardly any medicine. If people want to help Africa they should stop worrying about poaching, that’s covered, they should worry about the above problems and how to fix those.

The following are some charities and websites that you can look at the learn more or help by donating. Action Africa is one that treats children with treatable diseases they would otherwise die from ( InfraCo Africa donates to help with infrastructure in the early stages with people and money ( The Gates Foundation donates contraceptives to African women who do not wish to have kids ( Build Africa helps fight against poverty in Africa by providing education (

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  1. alex, number one: impressed. two, why all those capital letters what’s gotten into u. three ur welcome for actually reading this and making an account. four, if u dont know who i am from my username im dissapointed.


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