What do they deserve?

Hey guys, March Madness just ended and I thought: Why not discuss one of the most controversial topics in sports at the moment, Should we pay college athletes? If you don’t know what March Madness is, it is the NCAA basketball tournament in March. The tournament takes 68 teams, has them compete against each other. Millions of people around the world make brackets try to predict who will win. Getting a perfect bracket is near impossible and no one has ever achieved the feat. Now that we have some context let’s get into if we should pay the players. The NCAA says that if they were to pay players they would study less and play sports more, which doesn’t seem all that bad if that is their career choice.  Another question posed is how will they divide up the money? Will better players get paid more like professionals do or will it be a baseline dollar amount?

On the other side of the controversy is the players and avid fans: arguing that the college and NCAA make millions of dollars off these athletes and the athletes receive little in return. Sure they get a free ride, room and board, and couple hundred dollars a month, but is that enough for all that the athletes give the college? Let me know what you guys think: Should we pay our beloved athletes or do they already receive enough for their hard work?

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