Bernie Sanders and the March Toward Socialism

Hey guys, Bernie Sanders announced yesterday that he is going to be running for president again in 2020. He says his main reason for joining the race is that America needs to copy the rest of the world and provide free healthcare for all. He also says “I’m running for president so that, together, we can create a nation that leads the world in the struggle for economic, racial, social and environmental justice” (Twitter).  Bernie Sanders is a Democratic socialist candidate who stands for equality. This includes healthcare issues, economic inequality, and more. Let us break down more though what democratic socialism is. Democratic socialism is a philosophy that advocates for political democracy as well as social ownership. It emphasizes self-management and democratic management of economic institutions. Increasingly, today’s Democrats are leaning towards socialism more and more. Socialist want free college, free healthcare, open borders, unrestricted abortion, and more. The laws and bills that the democratic party would like to see passed are becoming more and more socialist and far left. A study showed that 37% of people 18 and older prefer socialism to capitalism. The main idea of democrats leaning toward socialism is to reform the imperfect and exploitative system that is capitalism.

Now free healthcare and free college sound great, but let’s delve into the other side of things. Medicare for all would cost around 2.4 to 2.9 trillion a year. Where would this money come from? Taxes. People in America already hate paying taxes, imagine if we had to bump it up even higher. According to Bernie Sanders page on the matter:  6.2 percent income-based health care “premium” (tax) paid by employers, 2.2 percent income-based “premium” (tax) paid by households. Income tax would be 37 percent between $250,000 and $500,000, 43 percent between $500,000 and $2 million, 48 percent  between $2 million and $10 million, and 52 percent above $10 million. This means that if you make $500,000 the government will take $185,000 just for this healthcare bill. And this is just for health care, not even considering the increase for free college and paying people who don’t work.  Also, what would be covered? Not every single medical option out there can be proved for free. Or is this what Bernie Sanders is trying to achieve? There is also the question of doctors and care? Will they still be paid as much, and if not will their standard of care then go down?

What do you guys think? Should we just start with free healthcare and later down the road work on free college? Or should we throw both ideas out the window? Let me know in the comments or shoot me an email.

Till next time,


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